e-Dawah Association
(Electronic Dawah Association)

All Praise is due to Allah ,the Lord of the worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.
Calling to Allah Almighty and to the religion of Islam (practicing of Dawah) is one of the superior pious acts before Allah, and no wonder about that as it is the mission of the prophets who were sent by Allah to guide people and bring them out from darkness into light. Allah says: (And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, saying, "Worship Allah (God) and avoid Taghut (idolatry) [an-Nahl 16:36]). At the present time, ways of calling to Allah Almighty are unprecedentedly varied, and the most important one of these is the Internet. Such diverse means resulted in many projects and initiatives that aimed at calling to Allah and introducing Islam, so the establishment of an integrated association for e-Dawah is a matter of great importance in the process of calling to Allah according to the following reasons:
- The considerable impact of cyberspace in directing ideas and beliefs.
- The presence of significant organized efforts of non-Muslims and anti-Sunnis which contributed to distorting the image of Islam and its correct-approach-adherents, necessitating the provision of the correct model of Islam, the introduction of Islam and the calling of Muslims in the best manner, in addition to refuting suspicions and warning thereof.
- The dispersion of Sunnis’ efforts on the Internet and their lack of focus, integration and coordination among them.
- The existence of the passion and desire among very large numbers of Muslims to serve Islam by electronic publishing means, which requires the need to invest and direct this passion and loyalty to properly serving Islam.
- The lack of an integrated electronic association for calling both old and new Muslims and non-Muslims and qualifying preachers in accordance with a collective organized work system.
About e-Dawah Association:
It is a non-profit global association headquartered in the State of Switzerland and it includes leaders and experts in electronic Dawah. This association contributes to developing joint strategies and promoting coordination, cooperation and interaction among its members to achieve the missionary goals.
It is the first global association that includes the largest sites and entities interested in e-Dawah and holds joint conferences and workshops that serve anyone working in the e-Dawah.
e-Dawah Association Features:
- The association is a formal globally authorized endowment entity.
- It has a technical and religious background with an integrated and accurate database of people and entities interested in the field of e-Dawah, their classifications and ways to communicate with them.
- It applies an institutionalized and structured system in accordance with systematic and scientific plans.
- Under its umbrella, it combines the most prominent missionary institutions and sites working in the field of e-Dawah.
- It has the ability to coordinate and build partnerships among those entities in a highly specialized manner.
e-Dawah Association GOALS:
- It unifies efforts and coordinates roles by applying a strategy that ensures integration among the institutions interested in e-Dawah.
- It develops and improves the performance of those working in e-Dawah.
- It highlights and markets the existing and future anticipated missionary efforts worldwide.
- It promotes the responsibility and importance of Dawah through electronic means among all segments of society.
- It explores the future of e-Dawah, and provides solutions and studies for members of the association.
- It provides members with missionary tools and experiences that contribute to the development of the electronic missionary work.
- It creates a database that serves to exchange and transfer expertise among its members.
The means of the e-Dawah association:
The association uses all legitimate and available means to achieve its objectives, including:
- It contributes to urging the missionary organizations and institutions to provide and organize the missionary e-content in models appropriate for e-marketing.
- It supports, markets and plans successful electronic missionary initiatives and projects.
- It highlights the potentials, benefits, products and electronic services, and recommends the appropriate ones for those working in missionary activities.
- It provides information, consultations and electronic support services for those working in the field of e-Dawah.
- It conducts and follows-up research and studies, as well as anticipating and keeping up with the technical future and starts to utilize these to serve the Dawah.
- It communicates with the institutions, organizations and agencies interested in e-Dawah and provides all kinds of support and coordination for them.
- It organizes and prepares conferences, seminars and workshops in order to achieve benefits e-Dawah and its development.
The target audience to join the association:
The Association targets all interested parties, which include:
- Specialized websites in the Internet.
- Competent missionary channels in the World Wide Web (Internet).
- Those interested in electronic missionary work (organizations, institutions, companies, associations, etc.).
- Research and information centres interested in electronic missionary work.
- Training centres interested in electronic missionary work.
- Bodies at electronic universities specialized in e-education and the qualification of preachers and others.
- Those interested in the electronic missionary work as determined by the Board of Directors.
e-Dawah Association Branches:
In addition to its main headquarters in the State of Switzerland, the association is currently working to obtain the necessary permits to open its first branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.
The board of directors of the association:
The e-Dawah Association has a Board of Directors elected by the votes of its members (the General Assembly) for a renewable three-year-period. This Board is composed of nine members representing the authorities.
Association members:
Association members reached 109 members and they are representing 70 destinations.
May Allah grant us success.