Membership terms and conditions:
1) An entity must work in the field of "Electronic Dawah"
2) Pay the annual subscription fee
3) The association Board of Directors shall approve the joining of the applicant entity.
4) The applicant entity shall conform to the principles of the School of Sunnah in its work and activity.
5) Membership to the association shall be voluntary and the Member shall not receive any remuneration.
6) If membership is annulled, for any reason, the Member shall submit a request to the Board of the association to reconsider its membership, when the reason for losing membership no longer exists. The Board of Directors shall form a committee for reviewing the situation of the Member and, hence, reactivate the membership.
7) A Member or a person, whose membership is annulled, for any reason, shall have the right to refund the membership fees, subscription or grants paid thereby for the association, and shall not have the right to claim for any material assets of the association.
8) Membership to the association shall not mean being related, in any way, to any political or partisan affiliation, and the association does not have any political or partisan affiliations.
9) The association shall accept individual members who do not represent a certain entity, under the approval of the Board of Directors and as per the conditions of membership.
10) All the postings by the Member in its own media shall express its own opinion and affiliations and shall not represent any affiliation or opinion of the association, in any way, and the Member shall not have the right to ascribe the same to the association.
11) All the blogging made by the Member in the online gate of e-Dawah association, or in any of the association’s media or events, shall be the sole right of the association to publish.
12) The Member shall refer to its membership to the association via one of the Member’s media through which it works.

The adoption of the membership:
The Board of the e-Dawah association shall issue a decision whether or not to approve the membership, and the relevant applicant entity shall be notified of the same.

The term of membership:
1) The term of membership is for one year, starting from the date of approval of joining the association and finishing by the end of each fiscal year.
2) If you would like to renew the membership, you have to apply for renewal by filling out special forms.

Duties of the member:
1) Commitment to the goals of the e-Dawah association and work to achieve them.
2) The Member shall comply with the rules and regulations of Association along with the decisions adopted at the General Assembly and the Board.
3) The Member shall abstain from any act which is in breach of the membership held thereby.
4) Respect intellectual property rights of the e-Dawah association and its members.
5) Not to disclose secrets and information of the e-Dawah association.
6) The Member shall not speak or give opinions in the name of the e-Dawah association or represent it, except under a written approval from the Board of the association.
7) The Member shall pay the annual subscription and, if the Member is in default of paying the subscription fees for two successive years, without submitting a good reason, acceptable to the Board of Directors, thirty days prior to the end of the financial year, the membership shall be suspended until the amounts in arrears are paid.
8) The Member shall furnish the association with its addresses and contacts when the same are changed, within no more than thirty (30) days from the date they are changed.
9) The association Member shall authorise one person of its own choosing to represent it at the association and shall notify the chairman of the association, under an official letter, of the authorised person and its information. The Member shall be responsible for the obligations of its representative, and the authorised person shall not authorise another person to act on behalf thereof.

The powers and rights of the member:
1) Candidacy for membership of the Board of Directors.
2) The Member shall nominate any person it deems proper, from among the number of the General Assembly members, to be a member of the Board of Directors of the association.
3) The Member shall benefit from the facilities and services of the association, in accordance with the rules and regulations approved by the Board of Directors.
4) The Member shall participate in the deliberations of the association and vote on the making of decisions.
5) The Member shall stand as a candidate for and vote for participating in the committees stemming from the General Assembly.
6) The Member shall review the decisions of the General Assembly and Board of Directors.
7) Participation in the conferences and events held by the e-Dawah association.

End and drop off the membership:
1) The member must submit a formal request in order to leave the association.
2) Breach the terms and conditions of the association.
3) If the entity proves to have ceased to be carrying on the e-Dawah activity.
4) If the Member dies or is unable to carry out its responsibilities due to a disease or otherwise, the entity to which the Member belongs shall submit a letter, nominating another member to replace such Member, within one month.

Agreement to the terms and conditions of the membership:
The membership applicant shall declare having read the conditions for membership on the e-Dawah association and to have agreed to all the same.